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How to Find  Good SEO SERVICES



The process of finding a good SEO Services  could be made simple, if you consider some of the guidelines to be followed. The first obvious criterion is the company expertise and experience in your business/industry. The second factor is the experience and expertise in the core field of SEO and related application frameworks.  These are important factors, since the complete understanding of the industry and the SEO specifications can lead to better web design, keyword research, content creation, keyword integration, page optimization, product specifications, audience interaction, and other related processes.  You can read through the clientele list, which can provide insights into the service provider’s efficiency. Having reputed clients (of your business and brand range) will certainly prove the trustworthy nature of the SEO expert.

Client Testimonials – Best Way to Judge

Client testimonials are the best way (as of now) to gauge the ability, experience and expertise of the SEO expert. After going through them, look for the client website address and visit it. Match the testimonials details with the website content. You may not be able to make much of their success stories, but it is possible to check the content quality, website design, navigation, SEO friendly nature and quality etc. For example, you can copy and paste the client website URL into the page and click on the ANALYZE button. You can get detailed information about the page weight, Google page rank, Alexa rank, heading structure, content analysis, hyperlinks, external links, internal links, images, and social interactions etc. The details will help you in estimating the overall efficiency of the SEO expert. Repeat the procedure for as many existing client websites as you find. Then you can calculate the average of all the values and check with the standard values specified by Google and other leading search engines. If they come anywhere close to each other, you can trust the SEO expert and start your project with the company.

SEO Expert promises – Practical Aspects

The volume of the SEO results you get is directly proportional to the quality of your website and the practices you follow for the implementation of optimization, marketing, keywords, content writing, etc. The time requirements for the realization of results vary, depending on these factors and the type of SEO (organic and non-organic). There is no way your SEO expert can reduce it beyond a certain limit. Moreover the company cannot promise you results within a short span of time. Once you are through with these basic facts, you can start your search to find a good SEO expert.

Black Hat Vs White Hat Practices – Probe and Find

  • Black Hat SEO Practices: if the SEO expert promises to increase your website inbound traffic and the page ranking within the shortest days, you could simply ask him how he is able to do it. Also ask him about the number of keywords he uses in every page. If he says as many as you wish, you could seriously sense trouble here. If you have hired the company for web page content, you can speak to the writer and find out about his writing style. If they are prepared to write something about your business or product without consulting you, and studying your products and processes, you could sense some more trouble. The content could be copied or spun. If the content has any unrelated keywords just to increase the ranking, you can expect your website to blow away sooner or later.
  • White Hat SEO Practices: The first parameter is to get their proposal for your website/SEO projects along with a statement document from search engines like Google. The other document you need get from them is the principles and practices they intend to implement in your project. Professional and Google certified SEO experts will be able to provide you with these two genuine documents. The other aspects are the responsive web design, genuine web content, keyword research, optimized integration of keywords into the content, page and site optimization, etc. The content writer will sit with you and spend time on gathering information about your business, products, brand, services etc. He will gather the technical and functional specifications of your products (considering service also as a product), images, and videos. Then, the company conducts SEO research and gives you a list of keywords. The content writer will integrate the keywords into the text while writing the content. Any keyword integrated after writing the content could decrease the quality or make the sentences meaningless. It is almost like trying to add few threads to the fabric design after it is woven. It will always remain incomplete.
  • Customer Analysis: A competent SEO expert company likes to conduct an analysis on your existing customers and potential audiences you wish to target. They can use many of the online analytical tools from Google and social media like Facebook to study the lookalike audience analysis. They can go to the extent of creating a complete marketing plan for the social media and give you a document about their works. Using the analytical tools will cost you additional money. But they can give you the best real time information about the potential audiences. The analytical methods mainly consist of demographic based information. The SEO expert can help you define a specific online plan for the organic and non-organic SEO. They will give you a specific quote for using their services, including the Adwords, PPC, social media marketing, and other campaigns using the SEO. They will only suggest the best cost effective methods based on your present business position. For the organic SEO, it could take between four months and one year to get visible results. Consistent updates to your website and the related links (blogs, social media pages, press releases, etc) are important for the enhanced search engine ranking. The listing of your website on the Search Engine Result pages will never remain consistently in the same position. This is due to the dynamic nature of the search engine. The professional SEO expert can only suggest ways to improve it over time with updates, and e will be honest about it.